We provide pediatric physiotherapy services to infant and school-aged children with physical needs.
Assessment and treatment are available for suspected or diagnosed:

Gross and fine motor delays

Motor activities or skills require our muscles, nerves and brain to work together in harmony. Gross motor skills involve the bigger muscles in the body doing movements such as rolling, walking, and biking.

Orthopaedic conditions and postural concerns

Children’s orthopedic needs are unique because their bodies are still growing. Our therapists are trained and have extensive experience working with children.

Neurological and congenital

Many conditions fall under this category but here are examples of some of the kids we see and support:

Torticollis or plagiocephally conditions

Torticollis means “twisted neck” and plagiocephaly means “twisted skull”, from the Latin language. An infant with torticollis typically will have a head tilting to one side with its chin rotated slightly to the opposite side.

Post-concussion syndrome

This condition refers to the symptoms experienced after a concussion, which is a mild brain injury. Normally these symptoms can persist for 2-4 weeks after the initial injury.

Developmental coordination disorder

While the cause is still unclear, some children experience difficulties with skills like planning and organizing a motor task (like jumping or biking), or learning a more complex task (like catching or kicking a ball).

Difficulty achieving physical milestones

It is normal to reach developmental milestones at our own pace but infants and children should be able to do certain skills by a certain age.

Chronic pain conditions

Sometimes pain hangs around longer than we anticipate. When this time turns from weeks to months, or even years, it affects more than just our body.

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